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Linux O pacote de software DIPC (Distributed Inter-Process Communication) está disponível para ser adoptado. Com efeito o autor, Kamran Karimi, afirma que não tem tempo para o suportar e continuar a desenvolver. Recordo que este software foi capa da Linux Journal e é exemplarmente pedagógico. Existem aí 'valentes' na área do processamento paralelo/distribuído?
Este software é muito simples de utilizar, sendo apenas um pouco lento quando comparado com sistemas de "message passing"
Sozinho não estou interessado em desenvolve-lo, mas se existir um conjunto de pessoas com experiência em programação interessado, pode ser possível juntar recursos para desenvolvê-lo (ou uma parte) em Portugal.
Para trocar ideias, façam posts aqui mesmo, ou enviem um email para
Segue o anuncio oficial:

Hi all,

Any individual, group or company interested in taking over the maintenance
and further development of a distributed programming system for UNIX?

This is about DIPC (Distributed Inter-Process Communication). It is a
system software for easy creation and programming of clusters of computers
(more info and links at the end of this email). Since I don't have the
resources or the time to work actively on DIPC any more, I am thinking about
putting DIPC up for adoption. The only requirement I have is that the origins
of DIPC be acknowledged. Then you can do whatever you want with the code.

Currently DIPC is available for the Linux operating system. Most of it runs
as a daemon in the user-space. Some kernel modifications are also needed.
DIPC runs over Intel x86 and Motorola 680x0 processors, and both versions
can talk to each other. It can be ported to other CPUs, or to other
operating systems altogether. There are many other development

Here is some information on DIPC: It makes the semaphores, messages and
shared memories found in UNIX's System V IPC work transparently over a
netwrok. This means that for example there is no need for the application
code to contain explicit synchronization instructions in order to use a
Distrbuted Shared Memory (DSM) segment. DIPC retains compatibility with older
programs that use System V IPC. Distributed and non-distributed programs can
run side by side. A distributed application that uses DIPC can still run in a
single computer with no need for recompilation, and will run in parallel at
full speed on a multi-processor, if one is available. Again, no need for
recompilation. DIPC can be used in any language that allows access to the OS
system calls. For more information please visit
or contact me.

If any individual, group or company on this list has the needed
resources and is interested in taking over the maintenance, port and further
development of DIPC in any way they choose, then please drop me a line. Of
course I will be available for any help that might be needed (explaining the
code, suggesting ideas, etc.). I will do this on request.

I would be grateful if you could forward this email to people who you think
might be interested. Thanks.

-Kamran Karimi

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